Hardcore Paleo: Update 3

So, my little dietary experiment has come to an end. I’ve lasted almost a month without alcohol, dairy and sugar. That’s on top of my usual restrictions of grains and processed foods. The question is: Do I feel any different? My initial ailments included energy dips, seborrhoeic dermatosis, dandruff, occasional upset stomach and food cravings […]


Hardcore Paleo: Update 2

I’m now half way through my 30 day experiment and I think I’m starting to feel some of the benefits. It can be quite hard to tell. The lurgie I picked up on day 4 has only just disappeared completely and the changes are happening slowly, so each day, I don’t feel dramatically different to […]


Hardcore Paleo: Update 1

It’s now over 170 hours since any sugar, grains, dairy, alcohol or processed food passed my lips. I’ve been surviving on meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and nuts with only a daily dose of caffeine, and to be honest, it’s been pretty tough. I thought the transition from eating, what I call, a ‘paleo conscious diet’, […]


Hardcore Paleo

I’ve been toying with paleo for the best part of two years now and I’m convinced that this is the best way to eat for optimum health. But despite this, I find it very difficult to stick to the paleo diet. I can manage a week or so, being pretty strict, but then get tempted […]

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Can Alcohol be Paleo?

History of Alcohol   Everyone knows that too much alcohol isn’t good for you, but is there any place for it in a healthy diet? Human consumption of alcohol dates back at least 8,000 years where there is evidence it was consumed in the Middle East. 8,000 years is a tiny fraction compared to the […]


Paleo Sans Crossfit

The paleo diet and crossfit go together like bacon and….well, everything. Part of the introduction to crossfit involves a bit of diet education, which is more or less identical to the standard paleo diet. There are also regular challenges to spur current crossfitters into giving paleo a go. For those that don’t know, crossfit is […]