Morning Sickness

Up to 70% of pregnant women will experience some morning sickness. Whereas many people might take some medicine if they feel a bit nauseous, pregnant women sensibly try to keep away from pharmaceuticals because of the unknown affects on the developing baby.   Why Do Women Get Morning Sickness?   Morning sickness isn’t insignificant. It […]


Common Cold

Common Cold   It’s that time of year when every other person seems to be blighted by a cough, a runny nose or a sore throat. Collectively, these ailments are usually referred to as ‘upper respiratory tract infections’ and are caused by a variety of viruses including the rhinovirus.   The cure for the common […]



Osteoarthritis is a condition which causes swelling, pain and stiffness in the joints. It is typified by inflammation and destruction of the cartilage which lines the bones within the joints. Traditionally it was thought that this was a ‘wear and tear’ arthritis and that the more the joints were used, the more they wore down, […]


What Paleo Means To Me

1. Eat Real Food People often become obsessed about the nuances of a particular diet whilst forgetting the bigger picture. Remember to eat real food. Generally speaking, if what you’re putting into your mouth bears a passing resemblance to how the food looked when it was part of nature, then there’s a good chance that […]


Missing Microbes

Missing Microbes Missing Microbes is a book by Martin Blaser. He is the director of the NYU Human Microbiome Project which is part of a wider collaboration of research projects investigating the links between the microbes which colonise our bodies and how they impact on our health.   Modern Plagues Historically, plagues took the form of […]


Fungal Infections

Fungal Infections   Fungal infections are common. Fungi live on the skin, in the gut and in the mouth of every single one of us. Mostly they are kept in check by the immune system but sometimes they overgrow and cause problems. Almost everyone will suffer from some sort of fungal infection in their lifetime […]