Gut Health

Bowel and intestinal problems are incredibly common. I see several patients every day who are suffering from bowel symptoms and I expect this is just the tip of the iceberg . In most cases these symptoms go unreported.   Symptoms   If you suffer from abdominal bloating especially after eating, if you bowel motions are […]


Weight Loss Diet

This is a diet I’ve designed for weight loss. A friend asked me for some advice on how to lose several kilograms within a couple of months. She is 61kg currently and is aiming to reach 55kg giving her BMI of 21. Credit has to go to Paul Jaminet, the author of The Perfect Health […]


Artery Clogging Saturated Fat Doesn’t Cause Heart Disease?

But then why is it called artery clogging saturated fat if it doesn’t clog arteries? That’s weird. In a recent British Medical Journal opinion post, a registrar cardiologist has spoken up and contradicted the widely accepted notion that saturated fat causes heart disease. What’s even more remarkable is that the national media ran a piece […]


Does Supplementing with Omega-3 Cause Prostate Cancer

News headlines this morning are awash with claims that ‘taking omega-3 supplements can increase the risk of aggressive prostate cancer by 70%’. Seems a little odd as omega-3 is often claimed to be beneficial to health. It is found in oily fish, nuts and grass fed beef, foods which are generally regarded as being healthy. […]


Dissecting Porridge

This fact sheet about porridge was posted on a notice board at the workplace of a friend of mine.   So I had some fun analysing the ‘facts’ about everyone’s favourite gloopy breakfast mulch… 1. Nonsense. What the hell does re-balance mean? See number 12
2. Nonsense. How does it reduce acidity levels? Who says hangovers […]


Staying Full On Paleo

So this is a response to question posed by my brother. How do you stay satiated when eating low carb, non processed, paleolithic foods? I know him to be a natural ectomorph and to have a pretty voracious appetite, so I can understand why the sudden removal of half the food on his dinner plate […]