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I am a General Practitioner with a particular interest in diet, nutrition, exercise and evolutionary health.


I have followed the usual path through medical school, hospital work and finally into general practice, all the while being taught the conventional wisdom on all things health. Since my teens, I have been fascinated with diet, exercise, other cultures and alternative ways of thinking. Throughout my training, I had the constant feeling that the way medicine was being practiced, was in some way incorrect. Several years ago, I discovered the paleo philosophy on health and since then everything seemed to fall into place. Through voraciously reading all I could on the subject and a continuing willingness to self experiment, I now consider myself quite experienced on the subject and find myself in a unique position to be able to bridge the gap between conventional medicine and paleo health. I see patients daily in general practice and am able to apply evolutionary health principles whilst working within the guidelines to bring the focus on to lifestyle interventions before resorting to pharmacology.


I live and work in London and follow a paleo lifestyle myself as much as I can. I find that yoga and climbing are the most enjoyable ways for me to keep fit although this year I’ve been persuaded to compete in the London Triathlon.


This coming year I’m looking forward to expanding my private practice and attending some exciting conferences in London in Paleo Health and another in Expedition and Wilderness Medicine.

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